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Prayer to Thoth - Papyrus Salier I - Сообщество любителей Древнего Египта — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Prayer to Thoth - Papyrus Salier I [Aug. 14th, 2014|08:29 pm]
Сообщество любителей Древнего Египта



Иероглифика отсюда: Alan H. Gardiner, Late-Egyptian Miscellanies, Bruxelles, 1937

Транскрипция с иероглифики с английским переводом (скачать pdf)

p. Sallier I, 8,2-8,6
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
8,2 Начальник хранителей документов Аменемин из сокровищницы фараона, да будет он жив, невредим, здрав, говорит писцу Пентауру: доставлено тебе письмо это, гласящее:
8,3 Тот, помести меня в Ермополь, в свой сладостный (для) жизни город. Да сотворишь ты долю мою в пище и пиве и да оградишь (от ошибок) уста ми говорящие. О, хоть бы Тот охранял меня.
8,4 назавтра (после смерти). «Подойди, говорят они» (боги потустороннего мира), когда я вошел (после смерти) перед владыками (Истины на их суд) и вышел (оттуда) правогласным. О ты, великая пальма-дум в 60 локтей (высоты) на которой плоды! Есть зерна внутри плодов
8,5 и вода в зернах. О ты, берущий воду в месте удаленном! Подойди и спаси меня, молчаливый Тот! О ты, колодезь, сладостный для человека, томимого жаждой
8,6 в пустыне. Закрыт он для того, который находит уста свои, (чтобы болтать), и открыт для молчаливого. Пришел молчаливый и нашел он колодезь...

Коростовцев М.А. - Под общей редакцией А. С. Четвертухина - СПб.: Журнал «Нева»; «Летний Сад», 2001. - 368 с. С. 226 - 227.

Переводы на английский:

Papyrus Sallier I

O Thoth, take me to Hermopolis,
Your City where it is pleasant to live,
providing for my needs of food and drink
and watching over the words I utter.

If only Thoth would be near me tomorrow!
'Come', They say,
and I go into the presence of the Lords of Righteousness.
May I come forth vindicated!

O great doum-palm sixty cubits high,
the one with nuts upon it,
with fruit within the nuts
and water in the fruit,
O you who can bring water from a far off place,
come, rescue me, a thoughtful man!
O Thoth, a well is sweet
when a man is thirsty in the desert:
it it sealed to one who uncovers his mouth unwisely,
but it is open to the thoughtful man.
Let the thoughtful man come
that he may discover the well for the hot-headed man.
And you shall be filled."

Quoted from: John L.Foster, “Hymns, Prayers and Songs, an Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry”, p.147

Альтернативный перевод


O Thoth, take me to Hermopolis, to thy city, where it is pleasant to live.
Thou suppliest what I need in bread and beer and thou keepest watch over my mouth when I speak.
Would that I had Thoth behind me tomorrow!
Come to me when I enter before the Lords of Maat (the judges in the hereafter)
And so shall I come forth justified.
Thou great dom palm, sixty cubits high, whereon are fruits;
Stones are in the fruits and water is in the stones.
Thou who bringest water to a distant place, come deliver me, the silent man.
Thoth, thou sweet well for one who thirsts in the desert;
It is closed for one who argues but open for him who keeps silence.
The silent one comes and finds the well.
The hot-headed comes and thou art [choked?]

Quoted from: Ancient Egyptian Religion, by Henri Frankfort, pp. 79-80

И еще альтернативный перевод

O Thoth, convey me to Khmun,
Your town where life is pleasing;
Supply my needs of bread and beer,
And guard my mouth (in) speaking!
If only I had Thoth behind me tomorrow,
"Come!" They would say;
I enter in before the lords,
I leave as one who is justified.

You great dum-palm of sixty cubits,
On which there are nuts;
There are kernels in the nuts,
There is water in the kernels.
You who bring water (from) afar,
Come, rescue me, the silent;
O Thoth, you well that is sweet
To a man who thirsts in the desert!
It is sealed to him who finds words,
It is open to the silent;
Comes the silent, he finds the well,
(To) the heated man you are [hidden].

quoted from: Miriam Lichtheim - Ancient Egyptian literature, vol. II
Prayer to Thoth P. Sallier I.8,2-7
Publication: Gardiner, LEM, pp. 85-86.
Translation: Gaminos, LEM, p. 321.
J. A. Wilson in ANET, p. 379. Hecht, Zeugnisse, pp. 73-75.